Cats Cradle Policies

Booking a Suite at Cat’s Cradle

  • Holidays/Peak Time: All bookings for holidays, holiday weekends, June-August, or major school holidays require a 50% deposit to hold the reservation. The deposit is non-refundable if the reservation is cancelled less than two (2) weeks before drop-off.
  • All bookings over 14 days require a 50% deposit to hold the reservation.
  • Any change to shorten the stay must be provided at the time of drop-off or the full reservation time will be charged.
  • Cancellations: Any stays longer than five (5) days require a five-day notice prior to the arrival date or you are responsible for 50% of the entire fee. No future bookings will be taken until cancellation fees are paid in full.
Drop-off and Pick-up
  • Our hours will be:
    • Monday – Saturday 7am-12pm and 4pm-7pm.
    • We will continue to be closed on Sundays.
  • Drop-off/Pick-up outside of normal hours is subject to a $30.00 fee
What to Bring
  • Copies of vaccination history – a copy must remain at the kennel
  • Cat’s regular dry and/or wet food to maintain diet (please only bring enough for the boarding stay)
  • Necessary medications and instructions (medications not given on food are subject to a $10/day fee – we no longer give any medications via injection)
  • At least two towels, blankets, or cat beds from home to make your cat more comfortable
  • Cat’s Cradle provides food and water bowls
Health and Vaccination Requirements
    • Cat’s Cradle has the right to refuse any cat that shows signs of upper respiratory illness unless accompanied by a written note of explanation by a vet within 48 hours of arrival.
    • Cat’s Cradle requires proof of current vaccinations administered at least ten (10) days prior to boarding:
      • Rabies
      • FVRCP
      • Negative test for Feline Leukemia or proof of vaccine (recommended)
      • All cats must be flea and tick-free
      • All cats six months or older must be spayed or neutered
    • All cats must arrive in a carrier that remains at the kennel
    • Only cats from the same household may stay together – this prevents injury and the potential spread of illness
    • All kennel surfaces are disinfected between guests (including boxes and scoops)
    • Food dishes are washed and disinfected daily
    • Cat’s Cradle uses walnut shell/corn mix litter
    • Kennel is sound-monitored overnight and owner lives on the premises

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